Squenix’s Guardians of the Galaxy looks cool and off at once

It might be news to you and it might not be, but Square Enix and Eidos Interactive have announced a Guardians of the Galaxy game. You know, Guardians of the Galaxy? Star-Lord? Rocket Raccoon? I mean, you gotta know Groot. Well, that bunch of interstellar misfits is now getting a game in which you take on the role of Peter Quill. Peter Quill. Star-Lord! For Peter’s sake… If you’re really one of those people who has never heard of this franchise, you might actually enjoy the game a little more.

How so? Well, let’s just say that fans of the movies have grown accustomed to certain faces in the past couple of years. Star-Lord and Chris Pratt are inseparably linked to each other. The same goes for Dave Bautista and Drax the Destroyer. Zoë Saldana as Gamora… maybe a little less. As for Rocket Raccoon and Groot, they’re already animated and can be mimicked by a real convincing voice-over.

This kinda puts me on the fence when it comes to this Guardians of the Galaxy game. Just like the Avengers game from last year – also published by Square Enix – the absence of familiar faces can make a game feel slightly off. Of course, this has everything to do with licensing and cost. But still, it just looks weird. I’m not saying that it looks bad though because it doesn’t. Wait, I’ll show you.

See what I mean? Anyway, I might literally be the only one bothered by it. What doesn’t bother me at all is the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy will be a singleplayer only game. What also doesn’t bother me is the promise of no DLC or micro-transactions. And you know what also doesn’t bother me? That it already has a release date. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is coming October 26 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, so there’s still some time to make some ‘space’ on your storage.