Game Pass members are getting some Galactic Guard duty

March is gonna be a good month for all you wannabe Star Lords out there. Guardians of the Galaxy – named after the popular Marvel franchise that was made even more popular by the movies starring a crunchy rodent* – is making its way to Game Pass on March 10. This effectively means that you have nine more days to find your Walkman and create a snazzy, funky mixtape.

If we are to believe the critics, Xbox is hitting us with some quality space stuff. The general opinion states that Guardians of the Galaxy is a pretty sweet experience, even if sales records won’t show for it. Now, I ain’t saying that Marvel’s Avengers ruined it for Guardians of the Galaxy, but I do think Marvel’s Avengers kinda ruined it for Guardians of the Galaxy. But hey, once offered for free, who’s gonna say its popularity won’t skyrocket now?

Lucky for us, nobody will have to feel left out on it. The game will hit Xbox’s subscription-based service on every thinkable Microsoft platform. In other words, Guardians of the Galaxy can be played on PC, Xbox, and through cloud gaming. If your device supports the Xbox Game Pass app, you’re golden. So, no Steam Deck, alas. At least, not yet.

Then again, Guardians of the Galaxy ain’t the only epic game being added to Game Pass. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Kentucky Route Zero, Young Souls, and Lawn Mowing Simulator are also rolling out next week. I mean, Lawn Mowing Simulator, that alone is worth getting Game Pass for.

Unfortunately, other games have to get ditched to make “space” (got it?) for the new arrivals. Nier: Automata, Phogs!, Torchlight 3, and The Surge 2 are going bye-bye on March 15. So, if you want to give those a go, better get to it fast. You have two weeks, space ranger.

*obviously, I mean Crisp Rat