GTA Trilogy on PC joinked after discovery of dirty little secrets

The joy of playing the GTA Trilogy on PC is short-lived as Rockstar pulled it from its store moments after releasing it. The reason? Dataminers. Yup. Some fancy stuff has been uncovered by tech-savvy gamers and once you know what that stuff is, you’ll understand.

For starters, music. The rejuvenated trilogy is missing quite some of the original tunes due to expired licenses. But after some digging into game files, it turns out they’re not missing at all. The game chooses just not to play them. Except for MJ’s tracks. Thanks for pointing this out, Ash R.!

Then again, discovering “hidden” tracks probably wasn’t Rockstar’s biggest concern. Discovering an uncompiled version of the main.scm file likely was. Why? Because this uncompiled version contains info that shouldn’t leave the office, including notes from Rockstar North staff at the time. Info that definitely shouldn’t have been found by people called Vadim M. Trust me, a company like Rockstar – known for keeping a secret or two – ain’t a big fan of this.

But the real hot stuff that we shouldn’t know about is the canned Hot Coffee mini-game. Initially, San Andreas contained some Adult Only content that gave players an option to rawdog a girlfriend of their choosing. This was all relatively harmless because all we saw was the exterior of the house while you were enjoying your “coffee”. But all harmless content can be made less harmless with mods, which uncovered the hidden game files for the canned, more X-rated version of the mini-game.

Well, guess which files were also present in the PC version of the GTA Trilogy. Precisely.

Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to wait until Rockstar fixes all of this since they officially confessed that all of this is the reason for the temporary delisting. In the meanwhile, can somebody search for info on GTA 6? Or maybe some intel on how many times they’re planning on re-releasing GTA 5? That would be dope… nigga*

*Just making a Lamar reference. Please don’t kill me!