Suspect in GTA 6 hack case says he “dindu nuffin”

The recently nicked UK teen who’s believed to be the one that snagged himself some GTA 6 data claims he didn’t do shit. Prosecutor Valerie Benjamin might strongly disagree, but the madlad in question has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to hacking companies.

The 17-year-old suspect got arrested in Oxfordshire last week, being charged with two counts of breach of bail conditions and two counts of computer misuse. While appearing at a special youth court, prosecutor Valerie Benjamin claimed that A.K. (whose name is being kept disclosed) used a phone to hack into Rockstar Games, “holding them to ransom” to snatch the data.

A.K., on the other hand, categorically denies these charges. I mean, he’s only 17. He’s just a kid, doing kid stuff. He probably doesn’t even have a phone. And you can’t hack Rockstar Games with a few baseball cards and a sack of marbles.


Then again, A.K. might be playing the Dindu Nuffin card because he’s also being linked to Lapsus$. With this hacker group allegedly behind the recent Microsoft and Nvidia hacks, authorities have been zeroing in on A.K. That’s why the judge referred the case to a higher court where it’ll be heard with a “similar” matter.

In other words, this case is far from over. But that was to be expected. Illegally obtaining classified GTA 6 data and then posting it online, spreading it like wildfire… yeah, Tha’s a good way to start a high-profile investigation alright.