GT7 creator responds to server downtime and car pricing

Gran Turismo 7 – or as I called it, Polyphony’s Seventh Son – has had quite a week. The latest version of PlayStation’s “real driving simulator” has been dealing with a few misfires. If it teaches us one thing, it could be that upgrading something doesn’t always make things better. With update 1.07 causing controversy because of race win prize nerfs, it also caused GT7 to become unplayable for 30 hours straight. And that raises a question: Why? GT7 producer Kazunori Yamauchi would like to tell us why, explaining the entire car pricing debacle in the process.

I’ll be frank, I’ve been ripping on GT7 quite a bit since I reviewed it. The fact is that I absolutely despise microtransactions. Putting a hefty price tag on digital purses after already asking $70 for your base game, that’s uncalled for. Even if your game doesn’t obligate you to pull your bank card. It’s just has a whiff of greed to it when companies try to make you spend more by making in-game items almost impossible to acquire the old-fashioned way.

That’s why update 1.07 got me a little riled up. Nerfing in-game prize money – making it even harder to unlock premium cars – feels like nudging towards those microtransactions. But according to GT7 producer Kazunori Yamauchi, we couldn’t be more wrong. You see, most of us fail to see the philosophy and long-term vision of the game. There’s a reason why some of these cars are hard to acquire. And even if it feels like Polyphony and Sony are trying to make you pay top-dollar for them, you’re missing out on the future perspective. Well, in that case, enlighten us Yamauchi-san.

“In GT7 I would like to have users enjoy lots of cars and races even without microtransactions. At the same time, the pricing of cars is an important element that conveys their value and rarity, so I do think it’s important for it to be linked with real-world prices.

“I want to make GT7 a game in which you can enjoy a variety of cars in lots of different ways, and if possible would like to try to avoid a situation where a player must mechanically keep replaying certain events over and over again.

“We will in time let you know the update plans for additional content, additional race events, and additional features that will constructively resolve this. It pains me that I can’t explain the details regarding this at this moment, but we plan on continuing to revise GT7 so that as many players as possible can enjoy the game.

“We would really appreciate it if everyone could watch over the growth of Gran Turismo 7 from a somewhat longer-term point of view.”

Okay. Got it. Everything will eventually smooth out. It might take a couple of updates, but it will. Promise. Speaking of which, what’s with the 30-hour server downtime? To that question, there’s also an answer to be found on the website of Gran Turismo 7.

“This was a rare issue that was not seen during tests on the development hardware or the QA sessions prior to the release, but in order to prioritize the safety of the save data of the users, we decided to interrupt the release of the 1.07 update, and to make a 1.08 correctional update.

“This is the reason for the delay. My sincere apologies for the late report to everyone.”

So there you have it. GT7 should be playable again as we speak. Happy grinding, everyone!