Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is coming, but it might cost you

Hey you, GTA fan, wasn’t it you that kept asking for some remasters? You know, shinier versions of GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas? Well, you’re going to be as happy as a monkey with seven dicks, because you’re getting them. Rockstar has officially announced Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. These upgraded versions should give you everything you desire, but it might come at a hefty price.

So finally, the rumors have been put to rest by Rockstar. It is now official. Three of the most popular installments of the Grand Theft Auto franchise are getting touched up, ready to be played on a PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, PC, and Switch. There will even be a mobile version of the trilogy, with an iOS and Android version coming early 2022.

Of course, this is great news for all you GTA lovin’, roadkillin’ digital criminals out there, but your euphoria might just turn sour. According to Base.com, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will come at a steep price. At with steep I mean full-price. If the mentioned prices are correct, we’re looking at $60-$70 price tags. And that’s a bit harsh, especially since Rockstar is delisting the original versions.

“To prepare for launch, we will begin removing existing versions of the classic titles from digital retailers next week. For more information, please visit Rockstar Games Support. In addition, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be coming to iOS and Android in the first half of 2022.

“Plus, as part of the 20th anniversary celebration for GTAIII, look for a cavalcade of special gear to collect in Grand Theft Auto Online throughout upcoming events this Fall, including commemorative clothing and liveries.

“We’ll have more details on how to acquire these in the weeks ahead as part of our ongoing events in GTA Online. This month’s GTA Online events will also have some special surprises — including the upcoming possibility of some unusual activity occurring in and around Southern San Andreas…”

Why is this such a big deal? Probably because this bundle has frequently popped up in digital stores for just ten bucks. Throwing a new lick of paint on it and selling it for six to seven times that price just feels a little greedy. Then again, maybe this trilogy will provide us with more than just fresher visuals. I guess we’ll have to wait for that info to be shared.

Plus, a $70 price tag shouldn’t surprise us at all in this case. Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick has often defended the higher price tag when it comes to new-gen games. 2K didn’t feel the least bit sorry when they introduced it with the NBA 2K series. Why would Take-Two hesitate to do it now, especially since all y’all have been begging them for it?