Gran Turismo 7’s microtransactions put a dent in your wallet

Gran Turismo 7 might not have a realistic damage model, but its microtransactions sure know how to cause some serious damage. Compared to the previous installment – Gran Turismo Sport – prices of premium rides have skyrocketed. Once purchasable for up to $5, a high-performance car now easily costs up to $40. Talking about inflation. Jeez...

Imagine spending $70 on a full-price game just to see the publisher squeeze some extra sawbucks out of your pocket. Sony obviously has no problem with doing that, as Gran Turismo 7 microtransactions are making abundantly clear. With some premium cars switching owners for more than 1,000,000 in-game credits, people might feel enticed to acquire some extra cash through a shortcut. Those shortcuts are happily offered by PlayStation, varying from 100,000 credits for $2.49 to 2,000,000 for just under twenty bucks.

Now, I’m not saying that microtransactions are the source of all evil. If you don’t feel like saving up in-game and therefore resort to spending real money on digital rides, go for it. Who am I to judge? But are you realizing that you’re being ripped off by Gran Turismo 7? If not, let me present you with an example.

Take the  Porsche 919 Hybrid 16, a sweet ride that sets you back $2.99 in Gran Turismo Sport. That same car can now be purchased for 3,000,000 in-game credits. Since you can’t buy 1,000,000 credits in the PlayStation Store, two packs of 2,000,000 need to be bought in order to score that  Porsche 919 Hybrid 16. That’s 40 dollars. Forty…dollars… for a car that once cost $2.99 in GT Sport. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment.

Plus, it really seems like Sony knew what it was doing with price tags. With plenty of cars going for 1,000,000 and up, it might have benefitted the player if they’d be able to buy credits per million. But they cant. It’s either 2 million ($19.99), 750k ($9.99), 250k ($4.99) or 100k ($2.49). So, no matter how you look at it, a million credits car will always set you back at least $15.

And remember, that doesn’t even include the upgrades yet, which will also cost you those dear credits. As much as I’d like to love Gran Turismo 7, this microtransactions bullshit is making it hard for me to stay as positive as I was writing the review.