Jotnar Edition going for 4-digit hammer prices on eBay

Hey, have you forgotten something? Did you – like me – totally miss the pre-order launch of God of War Ragnarok? In that case, you – like me – are shit out of luck if you were eyeballing the Jotnar Edition. But what if I told you that it’s actually still available? Because it is if you’re willing to pay ‘a little’ extra.

It’s becoming a common phenomenon: scalpers. Individuals who’re more than willing to pass on their pre-order to you. That is if you’re not objecting to a slightly elevated asking price. The past years, thousands of people earned their bread and butter scalping graphics cards, PS5, and Xbox Series X consoles. And a little thing called supply and demand is making it all happen.

Therefore, the God of War Ragnarok: Jotnar Edition fits the bill quite nicely. Everyone wants it and there’s only a limited supply. So it’s no surprise that scalpers have gotten the drop on it already. If you look on eBay, the Jotnar Edition is very much available. And while most scalpers are at least trying to be civilized with their asking price, others are not.

This particularly seems to be the case in the land down under, Australia. Some Aussies have no issue with 4-digit asking prices. And yes, the Australian dollar might be worth a helluva lot less than the US dollar, but AU $1,500 still boils down to triple the original RRP.

Well, g’day mate! I hope you won’t mind it if I Skippy this offer? I mean, the Jotnar edition might be packed with goodies, but I think I’ll let this one slide for now. Oh, and by the way, if you’re only interested in the Mjölnir replica, that’s also included in the Collector’s Edition, which is still available.