Kratos explains why God of War Ragnarok got delayed

To the fans, it was utterly painful to hear that God of War Ragnarok got delayed. But there’s one person who truly experienced the agony of it: Christopher Judge. The actor – who voices Kratos and does all of his mocap – has stepped forward today to admit that it was he who caused the delay. It was not because of bad scheduling or “I’m not feeling like it today”. If only he had that option. The true reason is extensive surgery on his back, hips, and knee. I guess it’s the price he pays for carrying the burden of being Kratos, swinging Leviathan axes and Chains of Olympus as if it were nothing

To many, Christopher Judge is the textbook example of a humble celebrity. There’s practically nobody that resents him, hates him, or speaks ill of him. A recent series of tweets totally amplifies this consensus. In a heartfelt and open message to the fans, Judge explains why God of War Ragnarok got pushed back and how he is the one and only reason for it.

Goddamn, Chris… that’s one helluva story you got there. It kinda makes me feel better about the business though. Especially since the news has been dominated by studios who haven’t been that nice to employees. So let’s give credit where credit is due:

Santa Monica Studios, y’all are fine people!