Gotham Knights delayed, won’t be coming in 2021 anymore

If you’ve been waiting for Gotham Knights to launch, you need to have a little more patience. Batman’s four jolly helpers need some extra preparation time before they can save Gotham from all kinds of criminal scum. I’m sorry to break it to you like this. I feel like I’m “robin” you of a nice afternoon…

The reason for the delay is very simple. The game just isn’t in a state where it can be launched in time. Even though a lot of work has been done already, there’s plenty left to do. I’m pretty sure nobody wanted to be the messenger of bad news, so the developer kept it short and snappy.

Gotham Knights got announced at the DC Fandome event last year, where we also learned the Batman himself… is dead! Or is he? Whatever the case may be, we’ll not be handling the Caped Crusader in this Gotham game. Instead, we’re dealing with other heroes: Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

Gotham is still a royal clusterfuck, so there will be plenty of BIFF!…KAPOW!…WHACK!… and ZZZZZWAP! to go around. It just isn’t happening in 2021 anymore. I wish I had better news to tell you. It isn’t my fault – I know – but telling you this… makes me feel kinda “batman”.

But wait, maybe this will make you feel better. If you really, really need to see the four heroes right now, watch them tear up a stage with good old Bats himself. They make a pretty awesome metal band if you ask me, even though the band is actually Dethklok. And keep your hands where everyone can see them…