God of War Ragnarök is upon us, boy

Fi-nal-ly! It took some blood, sweat, and unsolicited turtleneck snaps from impatient gamers, but the time’s finally come. A release date for God of War Ragnarök has been dropped. It might have taken Santa Monica Studio a few days longer than expected, but boy… is it worth the wait. And to make sure everybody’s happy, everyone gets to pick an edition, whether you’re a pleb or part of the elitist upper echelon.

Okay, first things first. The release date. I can be really quick about this. November 9, 2022. There you have it. There’s really nothing more to say about it. Therefore, I’m not. Instead, I’m just going to drop a new CG “Father & Son” trailer below. You might like it. And it might keep you from sending me pictures of your shriveled schlong.

Aight. Cool beans. And the message, layered as fuck. Almost as layered as all the different editions that’ll be up for pre-order. Whether you are a basic gamer or a wealthy mofo, there’s a God of War Ragnarök edition for each and every one of you.

Starting with the Launch Edition, which will turn into the Standard Edition after launch. Basically, the Launch Edition is the pre-order version, granting you access to the Risen Snow cosmetics for our rough and tumble gents. Don’t feel like pre-ordering? That’s fine. But you’ll have to do with the Standard Edition, which only contains the base game. Plus, if you’re going for the PS4 version, you’ll have to cough up an extra 10 bucks for a PS5 upgrade. Let there be no misunderstanding this time.

If you’re looking to avoid the hassle, you might want to go for the Digital Deluxe Edition, which also comes with some in-game trinkets. On top of that, a digital soundtrack, an avatar set, a PS4 theme, and a Dark Horse Digital Mini Artbook are included. Fancy shmansy!

But hey, maybe you’re one of those avid collectors, scouring the interwebs for every available Collector’s Edition. Well, God of War Ragnarök will have one, too. It’ll probably cost you dearly, but it’ll be worth the investment. On top of the digital content coming with the Digital Deluxe Edition, the CE comes with a set of 2″ Vanir Twin carvings and a set of Dwarven Dice. But the kicker has to be the 16″ replica of Thor’s Mjölnir, packed snuggly into a huge Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine.

But wait. That ain’t all. There’s always more. If you’re truly part of the elite and desperately want to burn money on an uber-edition, check out the Jötnar Edition. It mostly contains the same stuff as the Collector’s Edition (apart from the dice, which are different), and then some. Those lucky enough to pre-order it before it sells out can look forward to receiving an additional 7″ vinyl with music from Bear McCreary, a legendary Draupnir ring, a cloth map, and a Falcon, Bear, and Wolf pin set.

What’s it gonna cost us? No clue. But it’s going to be a lot. That I can guarantee. Then again, we’ll know soon enough. Pre-orders go live next week. July 15, to be exact. Better start saving up, boy.