God of War 2 director admits not knowing shit back then

To commemorate the 14th birthday of God of War 2, game director Cory Barlog looks back at the good old days of being responsible for the now well-known franchise. Ah, the fond memories of totally being in control and taking point in the development process… if only that were so. After all this time, the same Cory Barlog has openly admitted that he had no idea what he was supposed to do back then. But really, not a single clue whatsoever.

Barlog turned to Twitter for his remarkable confession, where he responded to a tweet posted by the official The Game Awards account. Proud as he might be today, there was once a time where his success story was mostly created by the team that did know what to do. To make matters even worse, he also admits that he only got the hang of it years later. What a noob!

Of course, we now know that Cory isn’t the shabbiest of game directors, bearing the responsibility for the epic story that we know as God of War on PlayStation 4 today. It’s not often that an exclusive game has such an impact on the industry as a whole, but God of War definitely hit the Mjölnir on the Nordic nail. To think that the one responsible for it didn’t even know what he was doing while he was doing it, kinda gives a constantly clueless guy like me hope.

Now that Cory has got the hang of it, he’s constantly busy expanding the God of War franchise, resulting in an upcoming sequel bearing the name Ragnarok. The ending of God of War already gave away that Kratos and Atreus have more fish to fry in Scandinavian mythology. How big those fish are and how Kratos plans to fry ’em, that’s something that we’ll hear soon enough.