[BLOG] GameStop wants to take over Microsoft for $5.71

Breaking non-news! After Activision Blizzard’s $70 billion takeover, GameStop has now shown interest in its acquirer, Microsoft. According to anonymous meme makers, GameStop approached the board of directors with a final offer of $5.71 cash, or $10 store credit.

If you had not figured it out yet, this is total horse shit and Microsoft isn’t going anywhere. The company is doing quite fine by itself. In fact, the entire Activision joining Microsoft’s gaming division might actually be a really good thing for a lot of people. Xbox and Windows gamers are definitely enjoying the benefits, especially the Game Pass subscribers. But having a fresh pair of eyes going over some of Activision’s IP could also be a saving grace.

Because let’s be honest, Activision Blizzard seems to have had more misses than hits lately. For example, Call of Duty Vanguard failed to become the majestic WW2 shooter Activision wanted it to be. Presented as the best thing since sliced bread, the publisher later had to admit that things could have gone a lot smoother. As a result, Vanguard’s sales numbers have been underwhelming at best.

But what do we expect? Everyone has been questioning annual franchise releases because they might impact the overall quality, yet CoD has kept on pushing. I’m not saying that it’ll happen, but maybe Microsoft will decide to knock it off with annual releases.

Honestly though, buying Activision Blizzard in a time like this is both brilliant and ballsy. While the company is being hit left and right by groped ex-staff, Microsoft swoops in like Overwatch’s Mercy, offering salvation. If there’s one thing that Microsoft can do, it is cleansing the effing crap out of this studio. Even with Robert Kotick in place until the deal is properly sealed, the future might hold big changes. With the emphasis on “might”. They might also give McCree his name back, though I doubt it. And most of all, they might also start listening to what the fanbase has been saying for years and years. My god, think of all those abandoned IP, waiting for some TLC.

The only disadvantaged one here is Sony. But to all those concerned PlayStation fans out there who believe that their beloved Activision Blizzard franchises might disappear, I’d like to say “don’t worry”. Once again, I’m not the one to promise things, but I’m fairly sure that Microsoft isn’t going to make everything Xbox exclusive. Think about it. It wouldn’t make sense to deprive millions of PlayStation users of a AAA game when there’s a way to make a profit off of them. Plus, PlayStation is no idiot either. They’ve locked their business with Activision down a long time ago. Trust me.

Plus, Phil Spencer’s stance in the entire console war bullcrap should ease your mind as well. Remember what he said about the everlasting “which console is better” debate? If you haven’t… Phil thinks that the console war is pretty damn futile. He’s like the Gandhi of console gaming, hoping for a future where all consoles become one.

So yeah, even though this recent takeover feels like another move in which a powerful media company just reaffirmed its position, good stuff might come from it. Only time will tell. Just don’t fuck us over, Phil. C’mon man!