Gamescom 2021 is still happening, you guys!

Everything gets cancelled nowadays. E3 presumably isn’t happening, as you might have read on Instakilled before. The second season of Thundercats Roar won’t be coming, for which I praise the Lord, to be honest. My two o’clock lunch break got cancelled, to my displeasure. I mean, it’s not my fault – nor my problem – that somebody choked on his salad and died. Jeez! But you know what didn’t get cancelled? Read the title again…

Yes, you’ve read correctly. Gamescom 2021 is still going for the hybrid event approach and has been given the go-ahead. This isn’t news that I’m pulling straight out of my ass. The organization behind the German E3 counterpart published the joyful news fairly recently. Happy days.

All kinds of measures will be taken to ensure everything goes smoothly. Koelnmesse – the venue where gamescom takes place annually – calls it B-SAFE. Sounds super catchy, folks. This B-SAFE method entails stuff like hygiene rules and social distancing. Stuff we’ve been living with for about a year now. Expect to see larger trade fair areas, wider aisles, and fewer people on site. Great news! That guarantees us that we won’t get sandwiched by two sweaty dudes with a shit ton of merch anymore.


Who do we have to thank for this? The gamescom community. After an extensive survey, 92 percent of all respondents stated “they can hardly wait to experience gamescom on-site again”. 88 percent claims to feel safe at a gamescom event if good protective and hygiene measures are implemented. 76 percent of all respondents admit that the best way of trying out new games is simply on-site at gamescom. True dat!

There is a ‘but’ though. If shit goes south and Corona starts spreading faster than Sasha Grey’s legs, the entire plan might go down the drain again. In that case, gamescom will become a digital-only event once more. So please, for the love the thing you consider sacred, play your part in getting the COVID out of our lives. Much obliged.

Ticket sale starts in two months, so keep your eyes peeled.