[BLOG] Gamescom 2022 – Man, I hate pre-com stress

“Did I pack everything? Are all my appointments still unchanged or are there last-minute schedule adjustments? Where the hell do I park my car?” I’ve been around long enough to consider myself a Gamescom veteran yet still… it happens to me. It happens to the very best of us. Pre-com stress. No matter how hard you’ve prepped for the big moment, pre-com can ruin your day if you’re unlucky. And since I’m notoriously bad at on-the-spot improvisation, I’m very much prone to it. So yes, I confess. It’s very (milky) clear that I’m succumbing to pre-com stress.

I think I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve already checked my mailbox twenty times today. It’s not that I’ve managed to book a million appointments or anything, but still. I don’t want to be the guy showing up at a booth and getting the “I’m sorry, your slot was overbooked, didn’t my colleague mail you about that?” talk. Trust me, it happens. And frankly, I can’t blame PR people for making those last-minute changes. I mean, I’ve been with one for the last four years (funny story, by the way) and I’ve seen firsthand how chaotic things get.

It’s just that I’m terrible at dealing with those last-minute changes. Believe me when I say that I’ve been painting a mental picture of my Gamescom routines for about two weeks now. Booth locations, the best way to get there… I have it pretty much figured out. My schedule is like a well-oiled machine and last-minute changes are like sand in it. So every time I get an e-mail starting with “Your Gamescom appointment…”, I feel the need to defibrillate myself with the first possible power bank in my desk drawer.

At least one of these people suffers from pre-com stress…

But hey, so far so good. No drastic changes have crossed my path… yet. And that’s just aces. Because that way, I can freak out over other insignificant stuff. You know, stuff like parking my car in a busy city. Another one of those trivial things that nobody cares about, except for me. For some reason, my brain keeps throwing all these scenarios at me. “All parking garages are gonna be full”, or “it would be a shame if all that paint were to come off your car”. Trust me, I know, these worries are all the products of a fickle imagination. But man, do they make me drink a lot of coffee on a Monday morning.

And you know what? It’ll all be over by this time tomorrow. By then, my car will most likely be parked safely in a garage or a designated area and I’ll be kicking it in the foyer of my hotel. The only thing I’ll have to worry about from that point on is not oversleeping. But I guess I have my significant other – who’s working one of the booths at Gamescom – to make sure that I won’t. Plus, I need to get myself some über-German self-service “frühstück too, since my limited knowledge of the German language isn’t going to do me any favors. I’m pretty sure that “Ausweis bitte!” won’t get me far…

Aight, that’s it for now. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, writing from the hustling and bustling Cologne. Tschüss!