Gamescom 2021 plans for physical edition are gamesgone

Remember when I proudly stated that gamescom was still happening in 2021, laughing at E3’s cancellation? Yeah, well… let’s just say karma is a bitch, because it ain’t. The organization behind the German games event recently published an update, confirming an all-digital approach. The reason is quite an obvious one, to be fair. Nobody’s committing to it.

There’s no easy way of putting it, but there isn’t much to see at Koelnmesse when publishers aren’t there in the first place. COVID-19 might be on its retreat and things are starting to look a little brighter, but organizing a convention takes a lot of prep work. That prep work should be commencing right about now if gamescom was going to take place. But since the COVID-thing is still somewhat unstable right now, nobody feels like taking that chance.

I can understand though. Preparing for this massive convention not only takes time, but also a metric fuckton of cash. Seeing all that moolah go up in smoke at the last minute, sucks ass. And to be honest, that chance is still considerably high. So yeah, we should have seen this coming from a kilometer away, since Germans don’t use miles. Neither does the rest of the world. Oliver Frese, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse, explains:

“Together with game – The German Games Industry Association, we have put all our energy into making gamescom 2021 in a hybrid format possible for fans and industry alike. However, even though the hybrid concept was very well received by the partners, we had to recognize that gamescom still comes too early for many companies in the industry due to the required planning reliability. One thing is absolutely clear: All those involved now need planning reliability.  That’s why we’re going for a purely digital gamescom again this year and, with sufficient lead time, will be able to offer the gaming community an even stronger online event at the end of August 2021″.

So yeah, guess we’re stuck with Geoff Keighley again…