Fortnite is about to get kung pao’d from stores in China

Fortnite, you love it or you hate it. Lots of kids with credit card-owning parents love it, but you know who hates it? China. Because China is asshoe. No, but seriously, China is making moves to remove Epic’s cash cow Fortnite out of stores. Starting November 15, nobody in China will be able to play the game anymore. *Flosses in Chinese*

If your Chinese is up to par, you can read all about it on the official Chinese website. Since most of you probably haven’t got any further than wonton soup or kung pao chicken, I’ll do my best to explain. So, here it goes.

China is kind of a tightass when it comes to gaming. Sex and violence are pretty much prohibited (ruling out a big chunk of games) and people are only allowed to play for three hours a week. Because of this, the Chinese version of Fortnite has undergone some serious changes. Skull images were taken out and the scoring points has been disabled after three hours of play. Players even got a notice, telling them to spend their time studying. And V-Bucks? Those are taken out of the equation as well.

But even with all these restrictions in place, China has had it with Fortnite. Without giving any real reason for it, the registration form for the game has already been taken down. Registered users have two more weeks to floss their way to the end. On November 15, it’s gàobié Fortnite. That’s “farewell”, in case you were wondering.

Well, it’s a good thing that Epic is already exploring options to broaden its global reach. With Apple acting like a douche and China joining them, making a Fortnite movie seems to become a legit alternative to get youngsters flossing. Unless China bans that as well…