A Fortnite film might be coming and it’s keeping me up at night

Epic Games is happily selling you V-Bucks, but it might be looking into selling you MoVie-Bucks as well. According to The Information, the Fortnite publisher is exploring ways to grow its brand. Since this growth is massively hindered by Apple and Google, other options need to be reviewed. So, the most logical step would be to make a film, right?

The Information’s source claims that a feature film based on Fortnite has already been discussed and is therefore considering launching an entertainment division focused on scripted video programming. The foundations for such a division were laid by hiring a few execs from Lucasfilm. One of those execs is Jason McGatlin, who worked on the last Star Wars trilogy as executive producer.

At this point, Epic is reportedly merely thinking about it. There are no concrete plans on the table. Still, this kind of news keeps me up at night. So many questions are soaring through my head. Are they going to cast Harrison Ford(nite) as a lead character? Will he busting a hip performing those idiotic dance moves or will he get a stunt double for that? Are they actually going to yeet silly-dressed people out of a flying bus? It just boggles my mind.

Then again, making a film out of a totally unrealistic game is nothing special. If you really think about it, Mario performs some pretty messed-up stuff on a regular basis, and he got his own movie. Not to mention all those impossible scenarios in Mortal Kombat, which is still an inspiration for campy flicks. So all things considered, I guess a Fortnite film it’s not that impossible. Dear god…