Fortnite goes full dweeb by adding Stonks Guy

Fortnite, you love it or you hate it. At least, that’s what the situation used to be. The ever-so-popular F2P shooter has pulled a lot of dubious shit in the past. But that’s alright. People accepted it, mostly. This time, Epic Games is really pushing the boundaries of borderline stupid by adding a new skin to the mix. Diamond Hanz – a.k.a. Stonks Guy – is now part of the Fortnite roster, and believe me, I wish I was joking.

Initially, I had my doubts about posting this. I mean, with April Fools Day and all, I wasn’t too sure if this was a legit move. But yes, Fortnite actually went for it and put a Stonks Guy skin up for sale. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, it got worse. For “just” 1,200 V-bucks you can now kill others and do moronic dance moves looking like the retarded identical twin of Agent 47.

This dumbass move has caused the controversy that Epic was clearly going for. People haven’t been hesitating and were quick to respond to Fortnite’s tweet. While a bunch of them get the joke and are willing to go with it, there are also players that have had their fill. Stonks Guy in Fortnite is the last straw for some, claiming they’re ditching Fortnite because of it.


Then again, the internet wouldn’t be the internet if people didn’t have a little fun with it. Take Mohamed Enieb (@its_menied), for instance. He responded in the only appropriate way, giving Fortnite the old switcheroo by using the Stonks meme against them.


Lastly, I’m fully aware that this post might cause me to take some heat from some. This is not my first rodeo in the Fortnite debate. When Kratos got added to Fortnite, I felt the urge to vent my disgust on Gamersnet, a Dutch gaming website where I also post news and reviews. Boy, did I ever pull aggro there. Lots of kids took the time to drop their parents’ credit cards for a minute to express their outrage, making it a top story that week. I guess I should take it as a compliment. At least I know I’m not the only one feeling weirded out by Fortnite’s sense of humor this time.

If you still enjoy playing Fortnite, even if it contains some idiotic stuff, never mind my ranting. Who am I to disapprove? Just keep on playing and have a good time. See? I can be positive…