Former Call of Duty hotshot defects to team Battlefield

Shots have been fired in the everlasting war between Call of Duty and Battlefield. Byron Beede, a former Call of Duty general manager and longtime developer, is now general manager and SVP of the Battlefield series at EA. His job is to take Battlefield to a greater level in its conquest of becoming the biggest shooter around. With a new installment of Battlefield awaiting orders, it’s boots on the ground for Beede.

To be fair, I have to thank IGN for supplying me with this intel. So… thanks! Anyway, let’s talk about this appointment of Byron, who has quite a resumé already. Not only has he been responsible for the success that is Call of Duty: Warzone and Mobile, Beede also stood at the helm of Destiny’s path to glory. Now, EA has convinced him to join their ranks, giving it their all to make Battlefield victorious. And giving it their all isn’t an understatement. EA literally pulled all resources to work on the next Battlefield to make sure it will be the best one ever.

Then again, chances are that Beede’s influence won’t be that noticeable in the Battlefield that EA will unveil on June 9. I mean, he just started at EA and the game is almost at enemy lines for the big assault. It would make more sense to assume that he’ll be investing his time and knowledge in future installments. Nevertheless, I wish General Beede all the best in his (near) future endeavours at EA.

Here you go, Byron. Have some chest candy.

A "medal of honor" for  former Call of Duty general Byron Beede