Sony called out for shady Forbidden West PS5 Store tactics

Horizon Forbidden West and PS5 upgrade options. It has been a pain in Sony’s ass in the past. After receiving a truckload of complaints from consumers – who were forced to buy the Digital Deluxe version in order to get a free upgrade – Sony quickly made a 180 to fix that SNAFU. You’d say that all is well after that kind correction, but no. According to Hoeg Law attorney Richard Hoeg, PlayStation is still duping PlayStation 5 owners. How? Let me explain.

This is gonna be a lengthy explanation, so bear with me. Here it goes:

If you are one of the lucky few to own a PS5, you’ve probably ventured into the digital PlayStation Store on your console. As you might expect, you can easily place your pre-order for Forbidden West there. Total damage? $70 (or €80 for the Europeans), but you get access to the Standard PS4 version as well. Sounds neat. But it isn’t.

In this case, ignorance can cost you 10 bucks, because if you scroll further down, that same Standard Edition suddenly costs $60. Sure, they advertise it as “the PS4 version”, but you’ll receive the PS5 upgrade for free. So how does this add up, Sony?

But what makes it even worse is the fact that PS5 owners can’t even pre-order that PS4 version if they wanted it. At least, not through their digital storefront on the console. The PS5 store will automatically select the $70 “PS5 version”, forcing you to pay a tenner more. And that shit ain’t right. Ain’t that so, Mr. Hoeg?

Let’s be honest, even if you were to believe me when I say that Horizon Forbidden West is worth every penny, this guy has a point. He even made a whole video about this sham, warning people upfront not to buy the game via the PS5 store. You might wanna check this out if my ramblings didn’t make any sense to you.

Okay, I’m not Sony, but if I were, I’d seriously dive into this matter. We wouldn’t want our reputation smudged by some shady sales tactics, now wouldn’t we? That’s what indecent behavior is for, if we take a good look around in the industry today.

P.S.: Also don’t do that indecent behavior thing. Just don’t…