New footage shows how “Fett” Star Wars 1313 could’ve been

Remember Star Wars 1313? You know, that majestic, next-level shit that was teased in 2012, just to get canned in 2013? If you can, you’re probably still trying to get over that backstabbing move of Disney. I know, kiddo. I know. Trust me. But did you know that there’s footage out there, showing what it could’ve looked like? Well, there is. It ain’t polished though – it’s actually rougher than the anus of a Sarlacc – but it’s something.

By courtesy of The Vault – a Battlefield 3 research site – a three-minute-long video shows us Boba Fett, the popular bounty hunter who now has his own tv show. Why are we dealing with Boba again? Because Boba was to play a major part in Star Wars 1313, killing you – an unknown Bounty hunter – just so you can continue the game as him. But before we dive into the footage, please lower your expectations. You’re about to see footage of an abandoned project. So don’t start crying over graphics, alright?

Ugly or not, it’s still a damn shame that Disney chose to sink time into an abysmal movie trilogy over this. And by calling it abysmal, I’m truly being mild. But hey, it’s not like Disney’s not interested in Star Wars games at all.

I mean, Disney is selling licenses left and right to virtually every major publisher. EA has already disclosed the coming of three Star Wars games, including a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order. If you’re still hoping to see a third installment in the Battlefront series, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. That’s very unlikely to happen, according to several sources. All credits are handed to Respawn for these three Star Wars games, after which EA might call it quits.

But wait. There’s another. Or multiple others, to be exact. Let’s not forget about LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Ubisoft’s “groundbreaking” open-world Star Wars experience. Oh, and Quantic Dream is also still working on Star Wars Eclipse, even though it’s still looking for people to actually develop it.