Wahoo! The first Super Mario Bros movie trailer is here

OMFG, it’s here! It’s here! After a wait that felt endless, After 7 years of production, Nintendo and Illumination have finally decided to lift the veil off of its Super Mario Bros movie. Before we jump in and have a look, fair warning: this might upset you if you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade.

If you’re one of them cave dwellers who might have been trying to hide from COVID, here’s some news for you. Chris Pratt – whom you might know from the sitcom Parks & Recreations – is the voice of Mario. No shit! I know, I know… the Super Mario fans went apeshit as well. With Charles Martinet filling those shoes for the last few decades, changing to Chris Pratt almost feels like sacrilege.

But the thing is – and it’s been happening a lot lately – we haven’t even given Mr. Pratt a chance to prove himself yet. Sure, Mario is going to sound a helluva lot different. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Charles Martinet’s voice might work for you when it’s just a couple of phrases. But an entire movie? I dunno. So whaddaya say? Shall we give Chris a shot at this without condemning it immediately? Let’s-a go!

See? It ain’t that bad. Plus, did you recognize another iconic voice? That’s right. The genius that is Jack Black has been cast to take on the part of Bowser. And that won’t be the only cast member that might sound familiar. Anya Taylor-Joy (Queen’s Gambit) has been cast as Princess Peach, Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses) as Luigi. Plus, SPOILER ALERT, Donkey Kong will make an appearance too, voiced by the dude with the most insufferable laugh, Seth Rogen.

If all goes well, the Super Mario Bros movie releases on April 7, 2023, in the US. Let’s just hope that nobody demands a cancelation because Chris Pratt isn’t a (criminal) Italian plumber, Anya Taylor-Joy isn’t a princess, and Seth Rogen isn’t a barrel-hurling gorilla…