Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC seems to be a total clusterfuck

If you’re looking to spend top dollar on Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the Epic Games Store, you might want to hold on to your Gil. The PC port is reportedly more unstable than a Shinra Mako reactor after being hit by a Buster Sword. In other words, it ain’t great, and that’s putting it lightly.

Personally, I wouldn’t know. As much as I like playing Final Fantasy, I ain’t paying €80 for a game that I already own on PS5. Luckily there are other people who have played it on PC and most of ’em aren’t ecstatic about it. In fact, some people have dubbed it “the worst AAA release… on PC in a good long time”. Now that’s a big oof.

One of these people is journalist Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry, who resorted to Twitter to display his general feeling of disappointment. Alex isn’t a huge fan of stutter in games, which Final Fantasy 7 apparently suffers from. The culprit can very likely be found in Unreal shader compilation, but that’s not the point. The point is that this shit should have been tested beforehand. You know, before you start asking €80 for it.

But that’s just one guy hating it, right? Wrong. Digital Foundry companion John Linneman came to the same conclusion after studying Alex’s footage meticulously.

Alex would later take to Resetera to ventilate his frustration even further by saying – and I quote -: “This is literally the worst AAA release I have seen on PC in a good long time. I humbly submit that no one should buy it.”

And so, the year 2021 turns out to be the year of broken remakes/remasters/ports once again. I mean, what is wrong with the industry? First, the once impeccable Rockstar, throwing away its credibility with the GTA Trilogy, and now this? Why can’t publishers see what they are destroying, yet still have the audacity to charge us €80 for their broken shit? Somebody hit me with a DeSpell, because I’m clearly missing it.