EA Sports

FIFA is out, EA Sports Football Club is in

It’s a coach’s worst nightmare; having serious beef with your star player. That one celeb that can make or break your entire season is now acting like a spoiled brat. What do you do? You could bench him and find an alternative ASAP, to avoid things going sour on the pitch. And that’s exactly what the EA Sports division is going to do since they’ve been having some issues with the mighty FIFA.

It’s no news that EA and FIFA haven’t really been getting along lately. FIFA believes that their license shouldn’t belong to just one publisher and EA almost fainted when presented with the new license fee. There was a chance that both parties weren’t going to see eye to eye, and it seems that EA is making a move.

That move started to surface a while back when they acknowledged looking into a name change. After some digging into trademark filings, the name EA FC already got spotted. Back then, it could’ve meant anything. But according to journo Jeff Grubb, it’s definitely the name EA’s going with.

“EA Sports Football Club, EA Sports FC, that’s the name of the game.”

Does that mean that the intro is going to be changed as well? “EA Sports, it’s in the name.” If Jeff is right, it won’t take long for us to find that out. FIFA’s marketing campaign usually starts around June, so chances are that we’ll be hearing more soon.