Gameplay trailer proves that FIFA 23 is for posers

Games keep getting more realistic. I mean, in the ’80s, people were happy if a digital soccer player looked anything like… well… a soccer player. Nowadays, budgets are exceeded to make every soccer star look and act like the real one. Think of all those hours of rollover animations for Neymar. And apparently, FIFA 23 has included Jesus in the list of soccer players, showing off his most iconic pose.

No, it’s not a dab. It’s not a slide. And it definitely isn’t a “hey, this was definitely a penalty!” gesture. Nope. It’s a T-pose. And believe it or not, it made it to the official gameplay trailer of EA’s FIFA 23. As the narrator comments on the fluid movement of the ball-controlling player, some poor shmuck in the background appears to be less fluid.

Way to go for Quality Control, guys! Then again, it might offer us the most authentic gameplay trailer ever. Think about it. All those times we felt scammed by beautiful trailers representing less impressive actual gameplay, FIFA 23 isn’t falling for that one. No sir. There’s bound to be a T-posing guy/girl/thing in the game at some point. Might as well include them in the preview.

And if you’re a total noob and wondering “What’s up with this pose anyway?”, let me tell you. Or better, let Wikipedia tell you.

“In computer animation, a T-pose, also known as a bind pose or reference pose, is a default pose for a 3D model’s skeleton before it is animated. It is called so because of its shape: the straight legs and arms of a humanoid model combine to form a capital letter T. When the arms are angled downwards, the pose is sometimes referred to as an A-pose instead.

Got that? Cool.