Far Cry 6’s latest crossover mission is a “Strange Thing”

Are you ready for Ubisoft to turn your world upside-down? If so, you might take interest in a brand-new Far Cry 6 crossover, adding a Stranger Things mission to the mix.

This Far Cry 6 x Stranger Things mission goes by the name The Vanishing, and it leaves players to figure out why people turn up missing. For once, it’s not Anton Castillo making subordinates disappear. There’s an unknown evil running amok on Yara, and it’s waiting for you to find it.

If you feel like giving it a whirl, you can even do so free of charge. Ubisoft is offering a taste of Far Cry 6, lasting until March 27. After that, you’ll have to cough up some coin to continue playing.

Never heard of Far Cry 6 and curious as to what it is and how it plays? Check out the review on Instakilled. I promise you that no cocks were harmed when I was writing it. And if you stop reading it prematurely, I won’t be an ass about it either.