Cool beans! Fall Guys is going free-to-play

Fall Guys – the Takeshi’s Castle-like game in which crazy Asians are being replaced with colorful jellybeans – is going free-to-play. As of June 21, Mediatonic’s hit sensation can be yours for literally zero dollars. Coincidentally, that’ll also be the day when Switch and Xbox owners can get in on the fun. Cool beans!

It was a craze that came out of nowhere. Fall Guys – a battle royale starring stupid, customized jellybeans – became the game to play. It was dumb, it made no sense whatsoever, but boy… did it entertain. Partially due to the free month provided by PlayStation Plus, everyone got in on it. And before we knew it, Fall Guys became a bestseller and the most downloaded game on PS Plus.

But in the meanwhile, others have taken Fal Guys’ spot. Not that I’m calling it a fad, but games like Among Us were quick on the drop and swooped in when it saw an opportunity. So what’s a good way to reacquire the crown? Make it free-to-play on every platform out there. And that’s exactly what Epic Games – the current owner of the IP – is doing. This is obviously great news for all those cheap-ass gamers that eat beans to save on bubble bath

June 21 seemed like a good time to kick off that plan. Since that’s the confirmed date for the launch of the belated Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions, why not make use of those launches to make ’em grand ones. But that does mean that millions of OG players who already bought Fall Guys might start to feel screwed over. Luckily, Epic Games feels the need to compensate for it by granting those people access to a Legacy Pack. It will include three costumes and access to Season 1’s new premium season pass, which will run alongside a free season pass.