Evil Inside will have you shit bricks P.T. style

Remember the good ol’ day when Hideo Kojima ensured that shrinks had a job by terrorizing PS4 gamers with P.T.? Unfortunately, this demo from hell never got a full game release (looking at you, Konami!), but a lot of other devs – big and small – have tried to keep that vibe alive. JanduSoft is also going for crapped pants with Evil Inside, a psychological first-person horror game that sure seems to draw inspiration from Kojima’s messed-up project.

JanduSoft shows off what to expect in a short trailer of about 2 minutes long, but those 2 minutes are all it takes to give you that eerie feeling horror enthusiasts crave. Cue the paranormal sightings, the unnerving melody of a music box, and a suspenseful trailer is born. Watch it below, if you dare. Muahahahahaha!!!

So what’s Evil Inside all about, you ask? If I’m not mistaking, the game’s about a boy named Mark who’s trying to piece together why dearest daddy took care of mommy in a bad way. You know, by offing her. In the meanwhile, he has to deal with his little brother. Like that isn’t hard enough without a murderous dad. Anyway, Mark has to collect fragments of the Spiritual board to get in touch with his deceased mom, to get her side of this horror story. Sounds delightful, right?

Evil Inside will launch on PlayStation and PC (through Steam) on the 25th of March. At least we won’t have to wait that long to book a session with our favorite psychiatrist once more. Let’s just hope that briefs and boxers go on sale before the day comes…