European Commission gives Microsoft the nod of approval

Good news for Microsoft! The European Commission has given the tech giant the go-ahead to buy Bethesda for a shabby 7.5 billion dollars. Last week, the SEC already signed off on the deal, but the European Commission was still one hell of a hurdle to clear.

According to the competition commission, there’s no reason to deny Microsoft the purchase, since it does not raise serious doubts as to its compatibility with the common market. After the sealing of the deal, Microsoft will be the proud owner of 23 in-house studios in total, with the latest add-ons being Arkane Studios, iD Software, MachineGames, Bethesda Game Studios, Tango Gameworks, and a couple of others.

The upside to this deal will be the huge advantage for Game Pass subscribers. With Bethesda being a part of Microsoft, all Bethesda games will launch on Game Pass the same day as they launch, for no extra charge. Cha-ching! The only current Bethesda project not coming to the subscription-based service will be Deathloop, being a timed exclusive for PlayStation. I know, it sucks donkey balls, but that deal was already made before Microsoft turned up with a chunk of cash.

Maybe – if we’re lucky – Microsoft will share some more details when it comes to future Bethesda titles. I know it’s only March, but E3 is creeping closer, so announcements are destined to be made soon. The fact that E3 isn’t happening physically, doesn’t mean that the hype train has stopped running altogether.