Freebies, price cuts, bonus discounts? Epic MEGA Sale, baby!

The world economy, inflation, and gas prices skyrocketing; it’s a bad time in general for all those trying to get by on the cheap. But hey, at least Epic is trying to provide you with a light at the end of the tunnel. The Epic MEGA Sale is on, and what does that mean? Free shit, discounts, and even more discounts on top of those discounts. Economy shmeconomy, bitches.

Alright, let’s break it down for ya. First of all, free stuff. Nothing new here, but still… free stuff. FREE, I say! No strings attached. This week’s freebie consists of a good ol’ classic that was free before (if I’m not mistaking), but still. If you missed out on it last time, grab this second chance to acquire the third main Borderlands installment. Exactly, Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 is up for grabs and yours to keep forever. Just wire Epic $0 and we’ll call it even Steven. (No whisky included)

But if you do have a few coins in your pocket and you wish to spend them on new (or slightly less new) games, Epic has cut the prices on a broad selection of them. With discounts going up to 75%, you’re sure to find a sweet deal somewhere in the Epic MEGA Sale. So if you were hesitating about getting that one game because it was slightly outside of your budget, you might just get lucky now.

Wanna make the most out of this Epic MEGA Sale? Sure you do. And you can. If the total amount in your shopping basket exceeds the $14.99 price mark, Epic will even cut that price down by another 25%. You won’t even have to do anything. The additional discount applies automatically at checkout. And to thank you for your patronage, you’ll get a new coupon, granting you that same discount deal next time around.

So… what are you still doing here? Shoo! Get going and start saving money, man (or woman, or it/them)! That Epic MEGA Sale ain’t gonna be around forever, you know. In fact, it’ll end on June 16. And those coupons I was telling you about, also have that same expiration date.

Happy Epic deal hunting!