Epic Games is losing major moolah on exclusive deals

Competing costs money, especially when your biggest competitor is PC heavy hitter Steam. The only way to really beat Steam – or at least match it – is to offer something it doesn’t. In other words, offering something exclusive. Epic Games has been doing that for quite some time now and not everyone seemed to like it at first. Now, people have gotten used to Epic’s hunt for exclusives. It turns out that this hunt is costing Mr. Sweeney and friends quite a wad of cash.

Thanks to the never-ending feud with Apple, Epic has shared some numbers concerning their spending and earnings in court. As reported by PC Gamer, Epic allegedly forked up a louse 444 million dollars on “minimum guarantees” for exclusive games. Only 265 million dollars are actually recouped. According to Apple said, Epic Games lost about 181 million dollars on the Epic Games Store in 2019, coming to a grand total of 300 million dollars. Yikes!

Strangely enough, Tim Sweeney doesn’t seem to give two shits about it. In fact, he’s mighty proud of Epic’s accomplishments and doesn’t mind sharing some numbers with the public. Admittedly, this formula costs money, but it’s a price he’s willing to pay. If Epic manages to reach gamers worldwide and if it helps the company grow in the long term, it’s well worth the investment.

Then again, Epic isn’t the kind of company that’s running dry on cash flow either. According to CNBC, Epic’s total value was still an estimated 17.3 billion dollars in August 2020, so I guess Mr, Sweeney’s still living large. Epic Games is still dishing out free games on a regular basis, so money probably isn’t a big issue yet. Coughing up millions for a AAA game is also still a thing. To put things into perspective, Remedy’s Control cost Epic a little over 10 million big ones to acquire. Pfff… loose change.