Cyberpunk’s Night City is alive thanks to Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077 – once deemed a total disasterpiece on old-gen tech – is experiencing a resurgence. Millions of Choombas from all over the world are giving Night City a (re)visit and CDPR has Netflix’s Edgerunners to thank for it. How’s that for a re-animation?

It took CD Projekt a while to get things absolutely right, but their tenacity is finally paying out. Being known for publishing troubled games which later turn into absolute money makers (because The Witcher 3 wasn’t all that great at some point), the Polish devs are now looking at a once criticized game drawing in a million Steam players a day. And that’s impressive, even if it might have taken an animated series to achieve it.

All I can say about that is “good for you, CDPR”. Truth be told, I think the praise is rather well deserved. Sure, your game might have been a dumpster fire on Xbox One and PS4. But on next-gen and PC, Cyberpunk 2077 came out quite alright, even if it had wonky bugs and dubious law enforcement. But all of that nonsense got fixed, and with the 1.6 patch active, things got even better. So there, kudos to you, CDPR. And mad props for the people making Edgerunners, since it even got Hideo Kojima’s stamp of approval.

Finally, a Netflix game-related series that doesn’t suck donkey balls. That makes it a two-out-of-two for the Netflix/CD Projekt department, which already scored big points with The Witcher. Maybe I should give Edgerunners a go. Stop by in Night City, too. It’s been a while.