Dead Space shows off more of its a-peeling gameplay

Where do you go for a good skin peeling? No, really… where? I mean, there’s this one Asian salon that I know of that does wonders for your (fore)skin. But other than that, where does one go to experience some next-level skin peeling? The answer: The USG Ishimura, where Isaac Clarke is known for meticulously peeling the skin off of ugly-ass creatures. And honestly, just watching him do it in Dead Space is hella soothing.

Sure, it might seem a little barbaric, at first glance. Blasting one’s flesh from his bones using a plasma gun. And yes, it probably hurts like hell, but hey… who cares? It’s not like they’re human anymore. And I’m not feeling it. I’m just watching it. And so should you if you’re interested in the Dead Space remake that’s almost ready to launch.

See? Ain’t that just amazeballs? Look at all those limbs flopping about after a well-aimed shot. There’s no Asian masseuse that can top the feeling of blissful dismemberment. They’re mostly skilled in tugging the skin off of one.

So, trust me. Be smart. Invest your scarce savings in Dead Space when it launches on January 27, 2023. It gives you all the satisfaction of being a representative of a barbaric, intergalactic welcome committee at the USG Ishimura, all for a fraction of the price of that masseuse called Ishimura.

You may thank me later.

P.S.: If you’re wondering how gruesome stuff like this is made, have a look at the devs at work in one of their developer diaries. It’s quite the hoot (if you’re into sound design and nasty VFX). And if that ain’t enough for you, float on over to the game’s official website.