EA attempts to be hip and witty but immediately regrets it

What is a publisher to do when it loses touch with its key demographic? It could decide to publish games that actually function from the start. Even better, publish multiple games that aren’t broken. Or… no, listen… be funny! Get creative. Show the world that you’re hip and witty and be a Tiktok meme lord or whatever. But make sure to totally nail it, or you’ll just make an ass of yourself. Like EA did.

That’s right. EA – the hippest of the hip – was eager to jump on Tiktok’s “He’s a 10/ She’s a 10 but…” bandwagon. You know, that piece of shit that went viral, where people rank somebody a 10 out of 10, if only they hadn’t had that one awful trait. Well, EA, show us what you got. How are you going to make yourself immortal?

Yikes! Goddamn… this is hi-laaaa-ri-ous! I mean, shit bruv. Everyone’s sides are splitting, EA. Apart from the people who’re actually enjoying single-player games. And you’d be surprised to know how many of them do. I mean, I get it. EA is more of a multiplayer enthusiast since multiplayer games are perfect to cram tons of microtransactions into. So if that’s your thing, that’s all fine. And yeah, most of us already know that EA once strongly believed in single-player games’ extinction. But to rub it in like that by meme-ing about it? Dayum…

Tell me, EA. Do you even realize that some of your developers are currently pouring their hearts and souls into… A SINGLE-PLAYER GAME? Yeah, thought so. Must have slipped your mind when you were conjuring up your witty tweet. Well, I hope you’re ready for the fallout because it’s out there. Even your own developers – including some you’ve conveniently kicked to the curb in the past – are lining up to give you a piece of their mind.

Even Respawn’s Vance Zempella had a hard time discovering the funny part in EA’s funny tweet,

EA must have been like “Goddamnit…now people are starting to trash us even harder”, and they’re not far off. So, what to do? My best guess would be to find the funny guy, put him in a room, and make him find and report every single bug in Battlefield 2042. That’ll keep him busy. And the replacement… already on it with a corny apology tweet. Because honestly, it was only a joke. A bad one. Because really, single-player gamers aren’t a 10. They’re an 11.

Can someone get me a barf bag, please?