EA ❤ a single-player Black Panther game… how ironic

“Single-player = dead” and “They are a 10, but they only play single-player games”. EA hasn’t made itself popular among the single-player fanbase lately. The publisher is obviously a fan of heavy monetization and multiplayer games, like the CEO of Unity. And can you blame them? It’s a maddafakkin’ cash cow. But it almost seems like at least one EA staff member noticed Stray’s success and started thinking: “A single-player cat game, but with a big black cat like Black Panther… hmmm…”

That is if we’re to believe Jeff Grubb, the world’s most renowned pro-leaker (who does get it wrong occasionally). According to the Giant Bomb journo, EA is secretly working on a single-player Black Panther game, helmed by Kevin Stephens. And even though the entire project is still in an early phase, Grubb had plenty to say about it.

“It is a single-player game, it is in very early development, and the game starts with Black Panther being dead.

“The player is going to take on the challenges of becoming the new Black Panther and that seems to be the set-up for the game.

“They’re looking at making this a big open-world Black Panther game.”

According to Jeff, it’s also a matter of connecting the dots to figure out who’s producing the game. Codenamed “Project Rainier”, the game’s name obviously refers to Seattle’s Mount Rainier. I’ll let you take an educated guess as to where Kevin Stephens’ new EA studio is located. Hint: it ain’t Whynot (North Carolina), Uncertain (Texas), or Okay (Oklahoma). But it would be funny if it were since all three city names kinda work in this particular case.

Plus, handing a single-player project over to Kevin also makes sense in a way. If there’s one guy that can prove to EA that single-player is mighty relevant, it’s the dude that oversaw the production of the Middle-Earth games at Monolith Productions. Those were also pretty ‘Okay’.

Nonetheless, EA and a game about a dead comic book character… it’s kinda ironic, don’t you think? They can’t help but make it all about something dead…