E3 2021 physical event not happening, again.

I might be stating something totally obvious here, but E3 as we know it isn’t going to take place this year. Again… After the cancellation last year, the COVID-crisis is throwing a wrench into the works once again. #frownyface

Of course, we all hoped that COVID-19 would be a thing of the past by now and life would’ve been returned to normal, but alas. Things still aren’t really looking that great, so large-scale events are still off the menu. Unfortunately for the ESA, this means that E3 is also considered canceled by Los Angeles’s City Tourism Board. A big thank you to VGC for spotting this one.

If you feel like browsing through an 84-page presentation, I’m more than happy to redirect you to it, but long story short: No physical E3 in 2021, but the city is working on broadcast options at LA Live/LACC. This would mean that E3 will once again take place as a digital event like it did in 2020.

Crowd at E3 2017, when it was still a physical event.
Remember when E3 looked like this? Pepperidge Farm remembers

For the majority of AAA-publishers, this will most likely mean that they’ll have to resort to hosting their own digital events. Ubisoft will probably host another Ubisoft Forward and Microsoft is familiar with hosting online events as well. Maybe Geoff Keighley will scrounge up some game announcements again and host another Summer Game Fest. Who will tell? I will, as soon as I get the deets.

Thankfully, plans for Gamescom are still unchanged, although the German event is also undergoing some changes. If all goes to plan, Gamescom will be held as a hybrid event, combining online events with on the scene presentations.