Take a peek at Duke Nukem Begins, which ironically never did

It’s time to kick ass and watch a trailer because a 13-year old video has finally surfaced after being kept in the dark by Gearbox. Apparently, a Duke Nukem prequel called Duke Nukem Begins once felt like a good idea. But like many other good ideas, this one got binned before it even saw the light of day. But now, thanks to the animation studio that was contracted back then, it can still kinda see that light. Wanna see? Come get some!

To paint you a picture, you’re going to watch a little something called a vertical slice. A vertical slice is basically a CG presentation created by a studio to give a publisher the gist of the game. In other words, it’s a concept pitch. Janimation was responsible for creating the vertical slice for Duke Nukem Begins in 2008. Now, after 13 years, former Janimation-employee Gregor Punchatz feels like the masses are ready to see what could have been.


Mhmm… I know. It’s a doozy, let’s keep it at that. The most notable feature of this trailer is the third-person perspective. The Duke Nukem franchise is known to be a first-person shooter, so going third-person is quite remarkable. It also looks like Gearbox was looking to go four-player co-op, which would have been a game-changer. Oh, and the “dismembering and slapping that jerky-arm around to smack others with it” part, that’s also something to behold.

To be honest, I’m glad that Gregor himself is pretty damn proud of this pitch. I’m sure that it has cost him and the team some time to put it together, but dayum am I happy that this game never ‘begun’. But who knows. Maybe Gearbox will decide to still give it a go. I mean, Duke Nukem Forever also took ‘forever’ to launch…