DualSense Edge teeters on the edge of affordability

Xbox owners have been privileged people for a few years now. Elitists, so to speak. With the Xbox Elite Controller at their disposal, Xboxers have lived like kings. But PlayStation… well… let’s say they’ve been waiting for a special occasion to make their players play like emperors. Because really, if you’re going to consider buying the DualSense Edge controller, you might as well be one.

But before I share the price of this sophisticated piece of micro-electronics, let me ask you: Are you seated? Maybe you’re still trying to get over your last utility bill. And mind you, there’s only so much the human heart can endure. Well, are you ready now? Are you on the ‘edge’ of your seat? Here it goes…


Trust me, say it really fast and it hardly sounds like a shit ton of money for a controller. But pricey as it might sound, PlayStation ensures you the best possible controller, packed with all kinds of technological wonders. They’ve even spent an entire blog post on it.

See? Isn’t this worth not paying your gas bills for? If your answer is “abso-bloody-fucking-lutely”, rejoice! The date of launch is nearing as we speak. Starting October 25, pre-orders for the DualSense Edge will go live. The actual shipping starts at January 26, 2023, including the shipping of spare thumb sticks, in case you’d want to buy a pair for twenty bucks.