NEW! The DualSense Edge, now with custom stick drift

Imagine being PlayStation and all people talk about is how great the Xbox controller actually is. Those ergonomics, the feel, and that Elite version… Just wow! Even I – a PlayStation fanboy – can’t deny that I’m more comfortable with Microsoft’s peripherals. And even though the Elite controller is a hard sell given its price point, it was worth every penny. So what’s PlayStation gonna do to counter that? Easy: the DualSense Edge.

I mean, it’s not that the DualSense is horrible. Not by any means. Sure, battery life might disappoint and the stories of stick drift aren’t really helping, but it’s a nifty piece of hardware. Absolutely. But those Elite controller features are kinda separating the men from the boys and the DualSense, unfortunately, falls under the second category.

But the DualSense Edge is about to make that leap to manhood, offering Elite-like features. Customizable buttons and tweakable dead zones are bound to make a difference for some. But the kicker – swappable thumb sticks – might just make the DualSense Edge extra edgy. That way, you won’t have to totally disassemble your controller when stick drift starts to ef up your gaming experience.

So, the big question: How much is this going to cost us? No clue. As of now, this is all the info that PlayStation feels like sharing. Estimated prices and release windows are still undisclosed. But if you ask me, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny and I don’t think Sony accepts kidneys.