DOOM Eternal just lost one of its most anticipated key features

DOOM Eternal is one hell of a shooter. Fast-paced gameplay, a larger-than-life soundtrack, and buttery smooth visuals… id Software’s shooter has it all. But there’s one thing that DOOM Eternal hasn’t got, even though it was promised to us post-launch. Precisely, I’m talking about the much-requested and highly-anticipated Invasion Mode. For all those wannabe Doomguys out there, hoping it’ll come any time now, Bethesda has some bad news. Invasion Mode isn’t coming any time soon. In fact, it isn’t coming at all.

Yep, you read it right, the Invasion Mode is officially no longer on DOOM Eternal’s roadmap. I’m not happy about it, you probably aren’t, and neither is id Software. The thing is that in this case, COVID-19 threw a huge spanner in the works. Like any other huge developer, id Software’s team had to deal with remote working too. And that really complicates things. Therefore, developing the Invasion Mode just wasn’t achievable anymore. In a lengthy statement, id Software’s Marty Stratton explains why the decision was made and how the team will try to make up for it.

So yes, Invasion Mode is off the table, but DOOM Eternal will get a single-player Horde Mode in return. Since DOOM Eternal players seem to have a blast in The Ancient Gods expansions and master levels, id believes this will fill the gap perfectly. No, it won’t allow us to fuck up other people’s game, sadly enough. But it does grant us “more of the diversity and challenges” that we seem to desire.

Additionally, id Software promises to keep the improvements on Battlemode going as well. A competitive, rank-based structure, several gameplay and balance updates, and another new map are in the works. So worry not, DOOM Eternal still has you covered.