Dev behind Disintegration has ironically disintegrated

It’s time to put on your sad face, boys and girls. The developer behind the shooter Disintegration – V1 Interactive – has closed down the studio. Not even a version V1.1 Interactive was considered, probably because Disintegration didn’t really do that well.

There’s a fat chance that you haven’t even heard of Disintegration, and that’s just fine. To get you updated; Disintegration was the ambitious project of Marcus Lehto, one of the founders of the legendary Master Chief. You know, from Halo. After spending roughly 15 years sculpting Master Chief into the iconic being that he is now, Lehto decided to do his own thing. V1 Interactive was born and four years later, Disintegration was presented to the public.

The problem was that Disintegration’s launch was a rocky one because nobody seemed to be able to play it online. Damn those servers! Therefore, players weren’t really ready to say “Halo there” (I just needed to share this pun) to the game. Add a slightly underwhelming campaign with an iffy A.I. to the equation, and you get why things went south pretty fast.

The result is a very unfortunate foreclosure of V1 Interactive. For Marcus Lehto, the time has come to “Leht-go” (sorry again…) of his precious project. Even though the game never really shined, I never wish to see a hard-working developer leave the scene in such a tragic way. I sincerely hope that Mr. Lehto will find it in his heart to keep going at it in the gaming industry, or maybe even help out 343 with finally getting Halo Infinite done. That game seems like it’s taking forever (link to my Dutch friends at Gamersnet incoming!).

To honor the disappointment called Disintegration for the last time, I’ll post the launch trailer of the game down below. If you want the true eulogy effect, turn your screen to black and white mode.

Looks cool. Pretty much isn’t (or wasn’t)