DirectStorage – Xbox Series’ fast loading tech – made it to PC

If there was one thing that got the Master Race sweating when the PS5 and the Xbox Series consoles were announced, it had to be the promise of ultra-fast loading times. For years, the PC reigned supreme, beating consoles on every front. But all of that changed with the (close to) instant loading tech that console gamers suddenly got to enjoy. Imagine owning a PC worth a few grand, eating that harsh ‘slim to none loading time’ dust of a $500 console. Well, those days could soon be over with Xbox Series X’s DirectStorage tech coming to the Master Race.

So, what is this DirectStorage tech exactly? Essentially, it allows huge amounts of data to be streamed from an SSD directly to a graphics card, without demanding a decompress from your processor. A technical ‘cut out the middle man’ sort of thing. Until today, that tech was reserved for Microsoft’s current-gen consoles. But Microsoft wouldn’t be Microsoft if it didn’t try to get it working on PC. Because Team Green wants nothing more than some PC gamers’ attention.

If you – an avid Master Race follower – want to take advantage of this development, there are a few requirements in place. First of all, own a PC. Obviously. Second of all, see if you can get running on Windows 11. It’s not that Windows 10 won’t suffice, but Windows 11 has the latest storage optimization built in, according to Microsoft.

Lastly – and not entirely unimportant – this tech works best when you run your games from an NVMe SSD. Installing a few beefy ones will cost you a pretty penny, but hey… with great power comes great purchase pricing.

But before we go all fucknuts, keep in mind that developers need to utilize the API in the first place. It’s not like an update that will magically make your gaming rig faster. A game needs to be optimized for it in order to experience the effects of DirectStorage. Thanks to Microsoft, we now know that Forspoken will benefit from it. Obviously, more games will do too, but there’s no word on which ones at the time.