Dino Crisis producer claims to be ‘deeply involved’ in Exoprimal

You might have missed the memo last week, but Capcom is heading back into dinosaur territory. Unfortunately, it’s not taking us back to sweet old Dino Crisis. Instead, Exoprimal – a futuristic team-based shooter – will have to do. And since that probably got a lot of Capcom fans a little sad, Dino Crisis’ producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi spoke up to make us feel better. I mean, if he’s taking part in it, how bad can it be, right?

The thing is, having Mr. Kobayashi say that he’s deeply involved in Exoprimal doesn’t mean shit. It’s an entirely different concept and it doesn’t even guarantee any correlation to Dino Crisis. He might have looked at digital velociraptors and say “berry guuuud”, for all we know. It’s like that Elden Ring claim that George R.R. Martin co-wrote the script, which was hardly noticeable (so I’ve heard).

But hey, what else can a company like Capcom do to keep the Dino Crisis fans at ease? I can tell you what they shouldn’t do: release a game around exoskeleton-wearing heroes blasting a couple of grand worth of ammo in a few seconds. Because if Dino Crisis did one thing right, it was building suspense. And that’s something the Exoprimal trailer absolutely didn’t do.

Anywho, Exoprimal might turn out to be a decent game in the end. I might just be too hung up on Dino Crisis to really care about it. I guess we’ll see how much influence Kobayashi-san actually had in 2023, when Exoprimal unleashes on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.