Diablo IV leak spills over 40 minutes of gameplay

Game industry plumbers are having a field day. After being called in to plug a major leak at Take-Two and Rockstar, the phone is now red hot with emergency calls from Blizzard. Over 40 minutes of Diablo IV gameplay has seemingly been pouring out on the internet. Better bring out the Flex Tape, Blizzard, because that’s a lot of damage.

Unlike the GTA 6 leak, this time we’re not sure who’s the one who leaked it. All I know is that Reddit user iV1rus0 was the one spotting and sharing it and that it probably got upped by someone who was spectating someone else’s stream. Who that streamer was, you tell me. Anyway, who cares? Blizzard probably cares and they will soon know since the video contains the player’s ID number, but we ain’t Blizzard. We’re just the folks that want to see what the buzz is all about. So here you go. Watch it while it’s still out there.

So, how did someone get into this “Private Test Build” in the first place? Good question. It’s very likely that the one playing Diablo IV takes part in the ‘friends and family’ alpha test which has been live for a while now. That means that the streaming player might just be related to a Blizzard employee. And that means that some Blizzard employee might be getting a firm talking to. Tsss… family, am I right?

Anywho, the folks who uploaded it don’t seem to know who the hell they’re watching. In a shorter video, distorted voices can be heard having a casual chat about what it is they’re watching anyway. And then, the penny drops:

So tell me, are we happy with this? Does this make up for the short snippet of gameplay that I shared earlier, which wasn’t real gameplay at all? Yeah… thought so.