Diablo Immortal whale unlocks secret pay-2-lose model

Is Diablo Immortal a pay-to-win game or not? Plenty of people would like to think so, even if Blizzard denies it. And really, Immortal’s entire microtransaction approach does actually facilitate a pay-to-win model. But it turns out that – in a twisted way – it isn’t. There’s a hidden pay-to-lose model baked into Diablo Immortal and content creator jtisallbusiness is the lucky whale that found it.

Actually, pay-to-lose might not be the correct way to describe it. It’s more of a pay-to-not-win thing. Or a pay-to-not-participate. And yes, this is getting hella confusing, so let me explain.

Imagine having a 100K in US dollars. Some might be sensible and keep it saved up in times of financial turbulence. Others might blow it on an expensive car, some quality time, or designer shit. And then there’s jtisallbusiness, a content creator who has spent a hundred grand on Diablo Immortal.

Some of us might consider that to be stupid, but jtisallbusiness can honestly say that he has one helluva mighty character because of it. In fact, his Battleground record is pretty much impeccable. With only 3 losses and about 300-450 victories, jtisallbusiness is basically a powerhouse. A force to be reckoned with. Unstoppable. Or so he thought.

Because this unstoppable character has been stopped by its own stats. Jtisallbusiness’ character is now so powerful that it can’t seem to find a suitable PvP match in Battlegrounds, one of Immortal’s modes. There’s just nobody around to match his absurd skill level, causing him to spend 48-72 hours waiting in the lobby, without success.

First of all… what the fuck, man? Are you being serious? $100,000… on Diablo Immortal? You just spent a fortune on a free-to-play game just to dominate it, subsequently ruining it for others. Give this guy a fucking medal, by all means. Second of all, also give this dude a stupidity medal. Because three weeks ago, JT already reached out to Blizzard for this very same issue, while he was only $80,000 in. So, instead of waiting for a fix – the sensible thing to do – he went on to sink another $20,000 into a FREE-TO-PLAY game, just to complain about it again and consider asking for refunds.

Honestly, I hope Blizzard gives him the finger. I might not be a supporter of cash grabs like these, but jokes like jtisallbusiness deserve to be penalized for their stupidity. What an idiot…