Diablo Immortal’s director blames criticism on ‘misinformation’

It’s a bad day to be the Diablo Immortal’s game director. Almost every Metacritic user seeks to destroy your free-to-play game, and they don’t even know why. They think they know, but they don’t. No honestly, they don’t, because everyone’s been shoehorning false info. That’s what Wyatt Cheng – the actual game director of Diablo Immortal- seems to claim. All that criticism regarding paying your way to dominion… all misinformation.

Cheng expressed his feelings on Twitter – where people go when opinions need to be vented – after being called out by another opinion-venting user. See, some of those users have an elephant’s memory, which is also the case with Zizaran. Looking back four months, Zizaran just wanted to know what happened in the meanwhile, since Cheng seemed to be very adamant about the whole ‘paying for gear upgrades’ situation.

And what do you know, Cheng actually answered. According to the game director, he’s been pretty upfront about it and therefore doesn’t really get why people are losing their shit all of the sudden. Because money can’t buy better gear – which is true – and the entire gem thing – which can get influenced by real money – was also not a big secret.

And this is the part where things go a little ‘he said, she said’ since both debaters have valid arguments. Cheng’s argument of XP and gear not being purchasable totally holds water, but Zizaran has a point when hitting Cheng with a good old ‘but aren’t gems meant to gain power?’, implying that power is still something Blizzard sells in Diablo Immortal.

A response from Cheng followed within the hour, acknowledging that his previous statement could get misconstrued.

With the debate in full effect, there also seem to be people who were wondering why Cheng even cleared some time in his agenda to even respond to these inquiries. With people sticking to their guns, defending their opinion until Blizzard yields, why even bother? Take YangCliu for example, who genuinely wants to know why Chang feels he needs to be apologetic. Tons of other game free-to-play game developers shake their audiences down. So why can’t Blizzard do the same with Diablo Immortal? Revenue must be made from somewhere after spending millions on development, right?

Well, if you ask me, this is a discussion with no clear winner. Because sure, Blizzard is totally entitled to offer in-game stuff for real money. But there are so many ways to go about it that don’t involve a pay-to-win principle. Plus, some of those ways also don’t prey on the strong effects of gambling addiction. You could’ve chosen to make in-game purchases cosmetic only. You also could’ve gone with a special class (with no clear gameplay advantages, of course). But no, you had to hide Legendary Gems – an item with a distinct purpose – behind that paywall and cram those in loot boxes to boot. And you still wonder why people are review bombing you…