The devil has spoken, giving us diabolical Diablo 4 updates

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So what’s new in the world of eternal damnation? Well, first of all, it is confirmed that skill-boosting through items is returning to the land of sanctuary. A neat way to make killing monsters and demons so much more appealing. Finding that one piece of legendary and unique gear to boost your skills as well as your stats, is well worth the risk of getting bitten in the ballsack by a lurking undead. Boy, did we miss that in Diablo 3.

But that is not all, according to Lead System Designer Joe Piepiora. A total new end-game character progression system will be introduced, called: “The Paragon Board System” which consists of normal, magic, rare, and legendary Tiles. The Paragon board to me shows some similarity’s to the skill system used in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. But how is this new? Blizzardwatch.com came up with this explanation:

“In Diablo 3, you spend Paragon points on a flat selection of bonuses — you can add points to any bonus at any time, each point adding a slight power increase. But in Diablo 4, these Paragon bonuses are arranged in a square grid of tiles and you can only spend points on tiles that are connected to tiles you’ve already unlocked. This means you’ll strategically pick and choose your bonuses based on how you like to play, targeting buffs and abilities that will give you the most benefit. It’s an interesting new method of customization that adds depth to the current Diablo 3 Paragon system.

Classes have more than one Paragon Board available to them: on the edges of each board are “gate” tiles which let you connect to another board and another set of bonuses. When you hit a gate tile, you’ll choose a new board to connect to, and you can rotate each board before you connect to it, essentially letting you choose your preferred progression path across the new board.

With each board, it’s up to you to choose how to advance through each board you unlock, and the system is potentially endlessly expandable, providing long-term customization. There may be a limit to the number of boards — or the number of boards you can choose — but developers haven’t yet specified whether there’s a fixed number of boards you can unlock. We’ll have to wait on more details.”

Here is an example of how the board could look (early development)

Lead Visual Effects Artist Daniel Briggs also added the new engine will enable fluid frame-by-frame combat and a new lighting system. If you ask me, it’s a fancy way of saying it’ll look good. And it better, after letting the fans of the franchise wait over 10 years for a game, which is still in ”early stages of development”. When they started building this game some of us were not able to grow the awesome beard they rock today… Anyway, looks pretty good for an early development if you ask me!

Another difference is that not all types of characters will be using and collecting Mana. Mana for a barbarian for instance seems illogical as they do not use magic, Duh! In turn, they will now use an orange substance to fuel their skills. Besides the orange and blue(Mana) for magic users, a green and purple orb is also shown as a possibility. Blizzard revealed some of the skills for the playable characters:

The Sorceress studies the art of elemental magic. They slow enemies with cold before freezing them solid and shattering them to pieces. They strike their enemies with stunning bursts of lightning, causing bodies to pop and sizzle. Enemies collapse to the floor and char to the bone as the Sorceress engulfs foes in fire. Some examples of death types that Sorceresses can trigger:

  • Freeze/Shatter – Break frozen monsters into pieces
  • Char – Singe the corpse of a monster with lightning
  • Burn – Scorch the monster’s flesh, leaving the remains of a charred skeleton.

The Barbarians take pride in their physical capabilities. Their arsenal of weaponry makes them deadly in close combat. With the power of their ancient bloodline, Barbarians crush foes into piles of gore or send them flying across the battlefield. Their brute strength is equally matched by their speed and ferocity as they unleash fury on the battlefield, dismembering limbs from all that stand in their way. Some examples of death types that Barbarians can trigger:

  • Crush – Flatten a monster under the weight of a heavy object
  • Decapitate – Remove a monster’s head from its body
  • Cut In Half – Sweet! 🙂 No real explanation needed.
  • Break Lower Limbs – The monster’s lower body is shattered, splitting several of their joints

The Rogue is dexterous and its attacks are methodical. Monsters are often oblivious to their presence until it is far too late. A precise stab from one of their daggers, or a well-placed arrow, is enough to bring most monsters to the floor. The Rogue finds the most opportune time to take on a fight, and they imbue weapons to gain an advantage. Shadow magic can make a superb distraction, but their shadow clones are as deadly as their blades. Some examples of death types that Rogues can trigger:

  • Eviscerate – Spill the insides of a monster
  • Shadow – Shadow energy deteriorates the life from a monster’s flesh.
  • Freeze/Shatter – Break frozen monsters into pieces
  • Poison – The monster’s skin melts off leaving a heap of muscle and bone
  • Flay – Flay the skin from an enemy, leaving the muscle structure intact

The Druid is one with nature magic. They conjure storms and call down lightning on their enemies. They control the battlefield with gusts of wind as their animal companions tear the flesh from monsters. Druids manipulate the earth with nature magic, molding it to their will and bludgeoning enemies from afar. As their enemies approach, they see the innate power of the Druid, shapeshifting fluidly between an agile werewolf and a hulking werebear. Some examples of death types that Druids can trigger:

  • Roadkill – The monster is crushed by a moving object, leaving a smear of blood on the ground
  • Devoured – The monster’s flesh is eaten away by a swarm of ferocious bites
  • Lightning Gib – Lightning causes the monster’s body to pop, exploding into pieces
  • Maul – The monster’s skin is completely mangled, covering them in blood

We also got a small glimpse of the evolution possibilities of the skill sets. Yes, you read that right, besides making the skill stronger and making it easier to send your enemy to the nether region. You can now also visually see the difference as is shown in this little clip above.

For me the biggest announcement is a new NPC: The Occultist! Who has not found himself in the split of 2 sets of items both having great stats, but not able to equip both? Well the ugly broad* can be your lifesaver! Not for adding life, mana, or selling potions. But she can extract the power of an item as essence, which in turn can be put in another/different Item. How convenient!

*When you need to hide your face like this, safe bet is being pretty isn’t her thing.

For the gameplay it is still a lot of good old fashion demon killing Fun. Shoot them with ice, whilst shouting along with vanilla ice ice baby. Or burn ‘em to a crisp while humming the tune of Burn Baby Burn, that is all up to you! The choices seem endless. And for once taking forever on a release just does no longer seem like a bad thing, now does it? Fancy some more gameplay? Sure, why not…

Hopefully, this will satisfy your diabolical needs for now. Should anything new pop up, I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Sorry for the long post. Here’s a diabolical potato.