Devolver has hit the stock market and PlayStation’s buying in

Devolver Digital, the fairly demented and renowned Austin, Texas-based indie publisher people love (to hate), has hit the London Stock Exchange. What once started as a group of friends taking a shot at publishing weird shit, has now become a big boy. Now that Devolver has left the paddling pool to dip its toes in the big boy pool, other big boys have started to take interest. Sony PlayStation is allegedly the first one to welcome Devolver in by going for a 5 percent investment in the company.

Before we begin to talk about this investment, Devolver feels the urge to reassure its fans. With great power comes great responsibility. The folks at Devolver understand fully well that going public could change the way people look at the publisher. Gone are the days of yonder, when indie devs had to be paid with navel fluff, serving as an IOU. Now that Devolver is worth close to one billion dollars, it’s high society time. Except it’s not.

Devolver wants us to know that it’s still going to be that group of friends, be it slightly wealthier. In a lengthy blog post on its website, the publisher explains that it won’t go all corpo on us. Devolver’s staff is still the majority owner of the company. Even the janitor got a stake for scraping dingleberries off the bowl.

But going to the stock market also means that others can chip in, and according to Gamesindustry.biz, PlayStation’s buying. This puts a name to the “key industry player” that Fieldfisher – the European law firm advising Devolver – had previously mentioned.

So what will all of this mean for us? In the long run, it’ll mean that Devolver will have the necessary funding to grow even further and support more potential indie gems. And isn’t that exactly what this world needs? A company that doesn’t turn you down when you have a stupid pitch that might just work? Precisely.

So, congratulations Devolver! Welcome to the big league. Try not to get dunked by the other guys in the deep end. Stay true to your roots. Don’t flex your pecs too much. We love you just the way you are. Keep living by your own weird principles and we’ll have a grand future and an even better future’s future.