What the mother-effing emmer-shit is Devolver up to this E3?

Ah yes, Devolver Digital. The most overhyped player in the indy hype-eats-hype media-fueled intimidation game of boss mode knuckle-fuck nutt-kick. Anybody remotely familiar with the anti-establishment publisher knows it’s usually up to some strange shit when E3 hits. And whaddayaknow? Fork Parker and friends are deffo up to something again. But what? Can somebody explain, please?

You know, I’m not even gonna bother with writing an entire intro to this seriously stupid video that Devolver flung at me. Just watch it and you be the judge.

What did I say, huh? Weird shit indeed. I mean, Nina Struthers a is remarkably docile coffee-getting suit all of the sudden, leaving the erratic yelling to another weird lady for once. And what’s this MaxPass+ all about? Is any of this even to be taken seriously? For Pete’s sake, Devolver… answers!

Well, I guess those answers will present themselves on Saturday. Or maybe not. I’m never able to tell with Devolver. All I need is a shit ton of new games. Or maybe not that new, but new enough so it seems new to know-it-all nothing-knows in the know. You know? Hell, now I don’t even know.

A few things are certain though. Chances are high that we’ll be seeing more of Shadow Warrior 3, Death’s Door, and maybe even some Phantom Abyss stuff. Sounds neato to me!